The Irish Lottery Guide


The first chance to Win Money on any Lottery is for Three Numbers, these details are Facts, Nothing is fabricated, when your Three Numbers come up on a Wednesday or a Saturday evening are you satisfied with the Twenty Five Pounds you receive? This e-book is easy to read and understand and packed with details you will not find anywhere else.

Spend the money on The Irish Lottery and you can have Ten goes for your Pound @ .10p this will give you a £61.10p win which is £36.00 better than The National Lottery.

If you spend £0.50p on Five Numbers you can win £50,000 or a pound wins you £100,000 you do not have to share, Bookmakers Guarantee your winnings.

People who Win on the Lotto draws each week are about 200,000 plus and those Lucky Winners only win £25.00 for Three Numbers.

This download includes the guide itself and a chart to plot where the winning numbers are selected, you can pick any number and see at a glance when it last came up,
some numbers hardly ever get selected so you don’t choose them, it’s your own Personal Database and you can print chart every time you need one.

Statistically you have a 42% better chance of winning on The Irish Lottery because it only has 47 numbers to select from, not 59.

Most other books selling Lottery Methods never show you how much they have ever won, if any at all.

You might think I could not go into a Betting Shop, but they are more modern and up to date than your local newsagents,
and technically they are where you buy your Lottery Ticket, so what is the problem, you would rather win £25.00 for your £2.00 while I shall be picking up
my £61.10p for £0.10p like everyone else who has bought my book.

The English Lottery ticket of £2.00 does not compare with £61.10 for £0.10p, or for £610.00 for a £1.00 stake, or £1,200.00 for £2.00 stake,
all Won on Three Numbers.

It makes a nice surprise Birthday Present for Him or Her who enjoys playing Lotteries and really wants to win, you cannot buy this book in the shops.

All copies of this book are brand new, it shows how you can do it, no one else will tell you. Smaller amounts won regularly are far better than the £25.00 on The National lottery.

Spend less as I have done, and be happy winning, I wish you Good Luck and you will win more often with better prizes.

John Woodard – Author

Trying to win the UK Lottery Recently Got EVEN Harder – There’s Never Been A Better Time To Try The Irish Lottery!!!!

“Dr Simon Goodwin, a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham’s School of Mathematics,” told Sky News: “players will have less than one-third of the chance of winning the jackpot than previously.”
“Similarly, the chances of matching five and the bonus ball will drop by more than a third, and the probability of matching 5, 4 or 3 balls will drop too.”

How To Win On The Irish Lottery – Would You Like To Know How?

The Irish Lottery, you may have heard of it then again you may not have. Why should you play the Irish Lottery? Well the simple answer is the odds are considerably better than playing the National Lottery, Euromillions and more. It’s relatively simple to play the Irish Lotto, and even simpler to win, providing of course you follow our exclusive guide on how to win on the Irish Lottery.

Irish Lottery Guide get the luck of the irish

The Irish Lottery Guide

Our Irish lotto guide is designed to be simple and easy to follow. We want you to WIN on the lottery, we want you to have FUN whilst your placing bets.Reaping the rewards of our guide and making extra cash.

Not only is our How to play and win the Irish lottery guide easy to use, it’s packed full of useful tips to help you get the most out of every bet you place.

It’s not a fool proof plan you understand, after all there is an element of luckinvolved. However our lotto guide will certainly help increase your chances of winning the Irish lotto by being prepared and knowing how to play it!


Who is this Irish Lotto Guide for?

Well it’s for those who are looking to play and win on the Irish lotto, it’s for those who want to make educated bets on the lotto. For those looking for an alternative to the National lottery, Euromillions and more. It’s for those looking for a decent return on their initial investment. Namely your stake on the Irish lottery.

What Will You Learn From Our Lottery Guide?

This downloadable pdf is a well documented guide on how to play and how to win on the Irish Lottery. It will teach you how to play the lottery what it entails, where to play the lotto and more.

There are a wealth of Lottery guides available on the internet and most are junk, rehashed rubbish from other guides.

Ours is different, why?

Glad you asked, we SHOW you how much we have won using our guide, we will show you photographic proof of how much we have won using our Irish lottery system.

With photographed bookmakers evidence you will see how much I have won with a simple bet of £0.10p!!!

If you’re fed up with picking 6 numbers every week for your hard earned money and never winning anything, how about picking just 3 and winning more frequently?

If that sounds good to you, then you need to buy our Irish Lottery Guide today!!!

A Simple £0.10p Bet Could Net You A Couple Of Thousand

The Irish Lottery has only 47 numbers to choose from giving you a better chance to win, it has three straight draws one after the other.

Giving you a maximum potential win of £1833.00 on a Wednesday and Saturday evening, all from a £0.10p stake!!


Your 10p bet could win nearly £200.0.00

Take A Look At Our Feedback From Satisfied Customers

Having played the National Lottery for years and only winning £10 (on the first ever lottery!) I thought I would try the Irish Lotto, not knowing how to play properly I bought the guide.  It makes it easy to understand and my only regret was not playing it all these years!

Cheers ILG, cheers Sandra.

five star rating

I was reluctant to take a look at the The Irish Lottery Guide, however as it was only £10.00 I thought why not. Well I’m glad I did, as a regular on the National Lottery and the Euromillions and never winning (chance would be a fine thing) I decided to follow this guide and place bets on the Irish Lottery. I have more than made back the money I paid for the guide and will now play the Irish Lotto instead of the National Lottery!!!

Thanks ILG, cheers Joe.

five star rating

With £2 a few times a week and with astronomical odds to win the Euro’s or praying for a big rollover win I decided to look into the Irish Lotto, I’d heard about it online. Not knowing what to do I bought this guide to help me. It’s a great how to and has helped me win a pretty penny. I can’t be bothered with the National or Euro Lottery, thanks to the Irish Lotto Guide I can play and win!

Nice one ILG, ta Chris.

five star rating

Irish Lottery Guide Proven Feedback

Buy The Guide & Start Winning Today!!

The hard copy is well worth a couple of pounds extra, well printed and presented, supplied with a Disc to print you a chart every time you need one.

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Irish Lottery Guide

The Ultimate guide on how to play & win the Irish Lotto.

Purchase our guide on how to play and win the Irish lottery, packed full of useful information, tips and more. If you’re looking for a way to make money with minimal outlay then our guide on how to play the Irish Lottery is just the ticket.